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How your support is helping the fight against COVID-19

As Southlake battled the COVID-19 pandemic head-on, we faced unprecedented demand – not just for vital patient equipment, but for the personal protective equipment that our staff needed to safely provide care. We have never depended on our communities more than we have during this challenging time.

We put out an urgent call for help, and the community responded.THANK YOU!In the face of this unprecedented crisis, you rallied by our side with an overwhelming outpouring of support. While our front-line staff have been working tirelessly away from their families to provide the best possible care for yours, your generosity made sure that our communities could continue to depend on Southlake now, and in the future.

You did more than make a difference – you saved lives.

A Message from the Front-line

A Mother’s Gratitude

Will my son thrive without me? Will I ever see my daughter walk down the aisle?These were the questions troubling the mind of a 39-year-old mother of young twins, who tested positive for COVID-19 – the first patient at Southlake to be put on a ventilator in a battle for survival.

“When I arrived at Southlake, I thought I had the common flu. Within two hours, my symptoms changed so drastically that I couldn’t even stand without help. I was intubated for two weeks, and spent an entire month in the hospital, away from my family. Out of love for them, I fought for my life.

But while I fought for my family, you fought for me. COVID-19 stole my ability to breathe. Because of you, I was able to walk out of the hospital and reunite with my husband and my children. Thank you for your generosity and your kind heart. If donors like you hadn’t funded the ventilator saved my life, my five-year-old twins wouldn’t have a mother right now. I wouldn’t be able to see them grow, or see my daughter one day walk down the aisle on her wedding day.”

-Julie Anne, COVID-19 Survivor

The Tools You Invested in to Save Lives

Together with our communities,your thoughtful and generous support helped us raise230万美元和counting towards our emergency COVID-19 Action Fund. You made it possible for our front-line staff to provide life-saving care for Julie Anne and more than 850 people like her. Here are just some examples of the difference caring donors like you have made:

  • New ventilatorsgave COVID-19 Patients the breath of life when they couldn’t breathe on their own.

  • Glidescopes provide controlled intubationfor COVID-19 patients with more distance between the patient and their healthcare team, making it safer while providing greater accuracy as they care for the patient.

  • A new portable digital X-Rayenables us to complete diagnostics more quickly and easily and better monitor COVID-19 patients.

  • 获得免费互联网和技术for all patients at Southlake during the height of COVID-19 helped lessen the emotional impact of visitor restrictions by keeping patients connected with their loved ones 24/7.

感谢数百名捐助者的特别注意给南lake each month: you played a critical role in funding this equipment, and our successful response to COVID-19.因为你和你的持续礼物,我们能够早期灵活adapt识别和支持最关键的设备需求beforethe height of the pandemicaffected patient volumes at our hospital.

By Our Side: Our Communities Coming Together

我们的社区已经加强了额外的英里to show their support in many ways – from thank you cards to Honk for Healthcare parades, public displays like theNewRoadsNeal Brotherscommunity lawn sign fundraiser, and months of free coffee, tea and donuts for staff, generously offered at all NewmarketTim Hortons地点!许多个人和当地企业也提供了独立包装的食物和非易熟的小吃,包括York Regional Police Association凡为南方人的所有工作人员提供免费的膳食和零食,一整天,提供了急需的舒适和支持,以便他们可以继续为患者强大。

As a leadership volunteer with Southlake Foundation, it was with immense pride and gratitude that I watched our communities come together to support Southlake in so many different ways. Together, we rallied to do right by our hospital, the front-line workers, and our family, friends and neighbours who have depended on them more than ever before. It is heartwarming to see that during this time, when our hospital has faced unprecedented demand, that our communities have rallied to be by their side, so they can stay by ours.”

Peter van Schaik, Vice Chair, Southlake Foundation Board of Directors and Philanthropy Cabinet

W5’s Avery Haines goes inside Southlake’s coronavirus intensive care unit to look at the front line battle against COVID-19.